MINNETONKA — The Shady Oak high dive will open late this summer due to this spring’s heavy precipitation and historic snowmelt.

Shady Oak Lake, located in Minnetonka and known for its beach and high dive, is experiencing the same high water issues as many of the other lakes in the area.

Minnetonka City Engineer Will Manchester told Lakeshore Weekly News the city is working with local homeowners to mitigate flooding near the lake. Sandbags have been available via the city for homeowners around the lake and the city has delivered sandbags as it has been able to.

The city hasn’t seen any road flooding, but some storage buildings around the lake have been flooded.

Matt Higgins, senior communications coordinator for the city, said the city is working on lowering the lake water levels by pumping excess water from the lake into Nine Mile Creek starting this week. Higgins said the process will be slow and take several weeks because officials do not want to overwhelm the creek and flood that as well.

“We are going to monitor as we pump to make sure we don’t affect anything downstream,” Manchester said.

According to the city of Minnetonka’s website, Shady Oak Beach will open as planned on Friday, June 7, but the high dive and dock will be closed. Water access will also be restricted and patrons are advised that all sand is currently under water.


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