Shorewood City Hall

Shorewood City Hall.

People who have their Shorewood properties posted on vacation rental websites should probably remove the listings.

The Shorewood City Council has prohibited short-term rentals for periods of less than 30 days in residential zoning districts. City officials say the move was made in response to problems caused by some rental properties.

“The fact is that we have had issues with rental properties where they’ve very much abused the use of homes in residential zoning districts,” Planning Director Brad Nielsen said.

When the planning commission had earlier discussed the issue, Nielsen said the city’s rental ordinance was originally adopted to provide safe places for people to live, not places for people to stay. Commissioners also discussed that the most problematic short-term rental property in the city was being managed by a company that oversees multiple properties.

A public hearing on the matter was held at the Sept. 20 Planning Commission meeting. Nobody spoke during the hearing.

The ordinance that prohibits the rentals notes that residents have complained about “noise, over-occupancy and illegal parking.”

“I’m very much in support of this,” Councilor Richard Woodruff said of the prohibition.

“Our community doesn’t really have the resources to deal with some of this,” Mayor Scott Zerby added.

Exceptions to the new 30-day restriction could be coming in the future. Planning commissioners are interested in allowing short-term rentals for special events, such as the Ryder Cup, which recently concluded in Chaska, or the Super Bowl when it comes to Minneapolis. Members of the City Council were agreeable to the possible exceptions.



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