MINNETONKA — The Minnetonka City Council Ward 3 race could see a recount after Bradley Schaeppi beat incumbent Mike Happe by three votes, according to unofficial election results. 

“I’m excited, several months of hard work with the help of many people, friends relatives, neighbors. I’m a political centrist or independent, so I had to come up with every vote myself. I’m glad my voice resonated and I’m happy to be on top for tonight," Schaeppi told Lakeshore Weekly News on election night.

The losing candidate of a municipal election may request a recount of votes if the difference between the votes cast for that candidate and for the winning candidate is 10 votes or fewer, according to state law. Schaeppi said he received a call from Minnetonka City Manager Geralyn Barone, who explained the recount rules and said at that point in time, Happe had not yet requested a recount.

Two City Council members will retain their seats on the City Council after being re-elected on Nov. 5, unofficial results show. Susan Carter, who ran unopposed for At-Large Seat B, and Rebecca Schack, who was challenged by Jonathan Kerslake for her Ward 2 seat, will serve another term. 

“I’m very excited about it. I’m glad that I'll have 4 years to make progress on affordable housing and some of the climate issues we’ve been working on over the last few years and I’m preparing myself to work with some of the new members elected to the council," Schack said on election night. 

Schack had a watch party with Carter, fellow candidate Brian Kirk, who ran unopposed and won the Ward 1 seat, and current City Council member Deb Calvert. Schack said she’d like to thank all her supporters, particularly the current City Council outgoing members Bob Ellingson and Tim Bergstedt, and her husband and family.

Kissy C. Coakley will represent Ward 4, a seat previously held by Bergstedt, unofficial results show. Coakley told Lakeshore Weekly News she is “Overjoyed and thankful to Minnetonka, to my Ward, thankful to the residents, thankful to all the organizations that supported me. Thankful that Minnetonka is ready for that change.”

The unofficial results for the City Council races, according to the Secretary of State's website: 

At-Large Seat B

  • Susan Carter (incumbent): 4,358 votes; 96.61% of the vote
  • Write-in: 153 votes; 3.39% of the vote

Ward 1

  • Brian J. Kirk: 816 votes; 96.34% of the vote
  • Write-in: 31 votes; 3.66% of the vote

Ward 2

  • Jonathan Kerslake: 127 votes; 16.64% of the vote
  • Rebecca Schack (incumbent): 629 votes; 82.44% of the vote
  • Write-in: 7 votes; 0.92% of the vote

Ward 3

  • Mike Happe (incumbent): 875 votes; 49.80% of the vote
  • Bradley Schaeppi: 878 votes; 49.97% of the vote
  • Write-in: 4 votes; 0.23% of the vote

Ward 4

  • Kissy C. Coakley: 1,010 votes; 52.44% of the vote
  • Paul J. Lehman: 912 votes; 47.35% of the vote
  • Write-in: 4 votes; 0.21% of the vote

Results are from the Minnesota Secretary of State and are unofficial until canvassed.

Frances Stevenson is a reporter for the Lakeshore Weekly News, covering the communities around Lake Minnetonka.


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