State Patrol video tweet

A video shows a motorist crossing three lanes of traffic on Interstate 394 to help an animal. The Minnesota State Patrol used this incident as an example of what not to do when you see an animal on a busy road.

WAYZATA — The Minnesota State Patrol is reminding motorists not to try to rescue animals on a busy road. 

Minnesota Department of Transportation video, shared by the State Patrol on Twitter on Aug. 8, shows a motorist who on Aug. 2 pulled over on the exit ramp to Carlson Parkway and walked across three lanes of traffic on Interstate 394 eastbound to help what appears to be a bird that's on the shoulder of the left lane.

The State Patrol in the tweet said the video "is a perfect example of why trying to rescue animals from a busy road is a bad idea. Trying to help puts you and other motorists at risk. Call 911 instead."

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