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The city of Wayzata is seeking to better enforce parking regulations by passing an ordinance amendment.

WAYZATA — The city of Wayzata is looking to better enforce its parking regulations by adding language that specifies how far a vehicle must be moved after the parking limit has expired.

The Wayzata City Council on March 10 had its first reading of the proposed ordinance to amend the parking regulations chapter of Wayzata City Code and passed it unanimously.

The City Council will be able to adopt the proposed ordinance at its next meeting, which will likely be in April, Wayzata City Manager Jeff Dahl said.

The proposed ordinance amendment would require vehicles to move more than 500 feet to be considered moved at all when parked in one of the 72-hour parking zones in the city.

It also would change the Mill Street Parking Ramp into a 72-hour parking zone. It was previously a 24-hour parking zone.

Wayzata Police Chief Michael Risvold said during the meeting the proposed amendment will help the police department better enforce the city’s parking ordinances. He found this solution after looking at other cities’ parking ordinances. The draft amendment is based on Edina’s ordinances.

On city streets where there are no signs limiting parking by the hour, vehicles can stay parked in the same spot for up to 72 hours, Risvold said. Currently, to enforce this rule, the police department chalks the tires and the pavement, which allows an officer to see if a vehicle has moved.

The problem with this method is if a car moves even a foot, the chalk on the tire no longer lines up with the chalk on the pavement, Risvold explained, so if they were to take the parking ticket to court, it would not hold up.

City Council members were supportive of the proposed amendment. Council member Johanna McCarthy noted that the Wayzata Muni’s truck parks on the first level of Mill Street Parking Ramp and would have to find a new place to park once this ordinance goes into effect.

Frances Stevenson is a reporter for the Lakeshore Weekly News, covering the communities around Lake Minnetonka.


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