My house feels like a palatial mansion at the moment. It definitely is not one. My perspective on space has changed after spending a week in a Sprinter Van from on an epic road trip.

Earlier I shared how my partner Tony and I were heading out with our two dogs on a one-week road trip with no destination. We wanted to connect with the spirit of wandering. To be able to stop and enjoy what we found along the way. We also used the trip as a way to raise awareness and support for the Twin Cities Lyme Foundation.

Throughout my last several months of treatment for chronic Lyme disease, I came to learn quickly that the most effective treatment is not covered by insurance. I was able to get and continue treatment for myself, and I’ve improved greatly. There are so many who don’t get a proper diagnoses or treatment, resulting in permanent damage or a life spent bed-bound. The Twin Cities Lyme Foundation helps Minnesotans get their lives back after Lyme.

For most of us, our lives are very scheduled and structured. We make time for fun activities, but it still involves a schedule. Not having to be somewhere at any given time is a rare feeling for many of us. Even on vacations, we often have places to be, people to see. We have to pay attention to the time and date. That is something we wanted to let go of for just awhile.

Our Sprinter Van was equipped with a queen-sized bed, stove, sink, refrigerator, freezer, toilet and even a shower. Simply, it had what we needed to be self-contained wherever we went. It even had air conditioning, which made it super comfortable when we wanted to escape the heat or bugs.

When we left Excelsior, we chose our first destination, which was the Spam Museum in Austin, Minnesota. I hadn’t been there since they renovated it. After that we headed a little west and found a beautiful campground overlooking acres of prairie land. It was almost empty being it was a Monday. With the use of Google Maps and the app Hip Camp, we were able to find a campground each night that had a power-hook for the RV.

After that, we decided to head into South Dakota where we spent a few days wandering around visiting small towns, quaint shops and interesting parks. We enjoyed French pressed coffee next to rivers, creeks and prairies. Tony and I fished, hiked and explored, rarely ever knowing what time it was, and after a few days, what day it was. It was amazing!

When we lost cell reception, we lost the connection to our map app, which meant we had to pull out the trusty road atlas I had purchased before we left. We remembered we had nowhere to be, so we drove, pulled over to explore towns that looked interesting and even found a small casino. We lost $31 and were followed around by security until we left. Turns out you aren’t supposed to take photos in there, which I was of course doing plenty of.

Meals were a breeze on the stove in the RV. There was a slide out pantry closet and plenty of storage, which made it easy to store food, or as they call it on the road, provisions. Amazingly we never felt claustrophobic. It helped that we love being in close proximity with each other.

Each campground was a different experience. We spent our last two days at P2 Rendezvous Retreat and Campground in Cannon Falls. By far our favorite stop of the trip. They had a spot for the RV with power, tent sites and even a teepee and safari tent people can rent. They are on Hip Camp and run by two former Excelsior residents, Pat and Pam Johns.

Wandering, exploring and not needing to be somewhere is where it is at, when you can do it. For us, having everything we needed in the RV made it easy and comfortable. The dogs loved it so much that Odin, our giant schnauzer, refused to get out of the van when we got home.

We can’t wait to do it again, which we will sooner than later. I came to realize that you don’t need to go far from home to feel like you are getting away. Getting away is more about allowing yourself to step off the treadmill of daily life and choose your next turn.

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