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Since the stay-at-home order was released by the governor, my wife and I have turned our daily exercise program of walking McGinty Road into an environmental program of picking up trash (beer cans, soft drink containers, cigarette butts, etc.). You know, whatever people don't want to dump in the trash at home or the office waste containers, they throw out the window or for cyclists, dump it when it is empty. From one day to the next, the trash continues to come, and as an avid outdoors man I know that everything that is dumped by the roads (more especially cigarette butts) end up in the waterway and lakes and alternately ingested by fish, birds and waterfowl. However you look at it, this is not good for our world. Last time I looked automobiles still have ash trash, please uses them. Either we need more trash containers or more strict enforcement of disposal of roadway trash.

One item along the roadways, but not deposited by a passerby, is the underground cable markers installed to prevent damaging of existing electrical cable, gas line, network line, etc. Contractors who order these existing cable identification flags at no cost should be required to dispose of these markers and other contractor material i.e. sand bags to support temporary signage, once their contract is complete. Final payment of the contract would require contractors to leave the site free of these items.

Paul Parrish