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One in three seniors die with Alzheimer’s disease, it is the only leading cause of death in the U.S. that cannot be prevented, cured or even slowed, it is so important that we have elected officials who are working to make Alzheimer’s a national priority.

As an Alzheimer’s Advocate, I was fortunate to meet with Congressman Dean Phillips and his staff in his District Office with other Alzheimer Advocates to discuss the staggering impact of Alzheimer’s Disease on Minnesota and across the nation. At this meeting, my fellow advocates and I shared our own personal experiences with this devastating disease. My mother passed away with Alzheimer’s Disease five years ago and she had seven siblings that have died or are living with the disease. I advocate for my family and believe the only way we can squash this disease is through research! We are asking Congress to include an additional $350 million increase for Alzheimer’s and dementia research at the National Institute of Health (NIH) in the government’s Fiscal Year 2020 budget.

At the meeting, we were pleased to hear that Congressman Phillips has signed on as a co-sponsor to The Younger-Onset Alzheimer’s Act of 2019. I also just received notice from the Congressman’s office that he has signed on to co-sponsor the Improving the HOPE for Alzheimer's Act.

Congressman Phillips has truly shown that he is a champion in Congress for the those living with Alzheimer’s Disease! Please join me in thanking Congressman Phillips for his support in the fight to end Alzheimer’s.

Linda Comb



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