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With the world turned upside down, as mayor of Wayzata I just wanted to thank all our residents for their resilience and cooperation. Our storied small town character continues to shine. Neighborhoods have come together, sufficiently distanced, of course. Some have shared books and games. Other neighborhoods have invited members to walk out to the ends of their driveways at 6 p.m. to wave to each other. Others light a candle at their front doors as a sign of the light at the end of the tunnel. Students from Wayzata High School are volunteering to grocery shop for higher risk residents.

We are all very concerned about our businesses. The City Council will make every effort to help. We are considering a number of mechanisms including delays or forgiveness of fees and licenses.

The city is proceeding with the transformation of Lake Street. We completed a thorough examination of city finances as well as our ability to handle a likely recession. With confidence that we would not burden our residents, the City Council decided that the construction work should proceed as planned. With activity at a low ebb we expect we will be able to do the work with few disruptions to business. We intend to complete the work by the time our restaurants and retailers have opened back up.

The city is running but at a reduced and often virtual mode to protect everyone’s health.

Again, I send a heartfelt thanks to the many residents who are helping each other, to our hard working city staff, police and fire and to all Wayzatans for your patience, understanding and mutual support during this unsettling period. We’re lucky to be able to count on each other.

Ken Willcox

Mayor of Wayzata


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