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Nearly every election year we hear that the current election is the most important ever. Generally that's true, if for no other reason than the fact that our society has become more complex and challenging to the governmental process.

The people we elect need to have the qualities like experience, foresight, common sense, the ability to problem solve and most importantly find the balance between wants and needs.

Mike Happe has the background and experience to make the choices and solve the problems Minnetonka will face. I have served with Mike on Minnetonka's Economic Development Commission for the past 6 years. I have seen first hand his ability to understand difficult issues, find the balance and help craft solutions to resolve problems.

Mike Happe is the only candidate for Ward 3 city council that is a long term resident and has a proven record of community service. In addition to serving 8 years on the city's Economic Development Commission and Minnesota Homeownership Center Board, Mike has shown effective representation serving the residents of Ward 3 on the city council this past year.

Mike Happe is the right choice for city council and deserves re-election. Mike knows the problems and strengths of our city. Importantly, Mike has been an active member of the community he seeks to represent. Mike has the qualities of leadership our city needs. Join you friends and neighbors and re-elect Mike Happe to the city council.

Jerry Knickerbocker



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