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I urge every parent and taxpayer in the Wayzata School District to join me in voting for Seanne Falconer for the Wayzata School Board.

Seanne is a business leader with a career focused in higher education and finance and is also an active leader on the Wayzata Schools Legislative Action Committee and the Citizens Finance Advisory Council. I believe she has the skills, academic background, experience, and passion to guide our school district in meeting the changing needs of our families and students.

Seanne is a mom of two adorable twin boys who are first graders at Oakwood Elementary and understands the challenges facing our families in the district. Given the enrollment boom in the district, we have some pretty tough choices ahead regarding the middle school and high school capacities. We also need to continue to work on meeting the nutritional and mental health needs of our kids, ensuring their physical safety and closing the achievement gap.

Seanne is a leader that can help guide us through these tough choices and use her skills and experience to advocate on our behalf for state funding to help us meet these needs. I am voting for her because I know she cares about raising smart, healthy, well-rounded students as I do.

Seanne will bring a fresh voice and advocate on behalf of all families — I urge you to vote Falconer for the Wayzata School board.

Jennifer Martin



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