MINNETONKA — For anyone who has dreamed of being surrounded by puppies — or more specifically corgis — Boom Island Brewing in Minnetonka hosted an event on Sunday, Jan. 12, catered toward you.

Pet-a-Corgi, put on by the Corgi Racing Society, featured corgis from across the metro area volunteered by their owners to support a good cause. The proceeds from the event, which totaled $200, will be donated to Secondhand Hounds, Megan Eliason, owner of the Corgi Racing Society, told Lakeshore Weekly News.

Eliason said she just has to put out a call to members of the society and she can have dozens of corgi volunteers and their owners for an event.

Attendees could pay $5 to spend 10 minutes in the corgi area or $12 to spend 10 minutes in the corgi area and one beer.

The dogs and their owners were in the brewery’s party room and attendees were ushered in to spend their allotted time with the puppies. By 3 p.m., Eliason estimated they had around 200 people come through the event.

Dogs raced around room, playing with each other, jumping up on attendees looking for someone to pet them. There was the occasional accident — a confused corgi pooping on the floor, one even lifted a leg and peed on an attendee (who was very gracious about the incident).

The Corgi Racing Society, a group for corgi owners interested in corgi events and racing, is putting on another event at Boom Island Brewing on Feb. 22-23 — Midwest Corgi Fest.

The event will again raise money for Secondhand Hounds, Eliason told the paper. The event will feature classes, vendors, contests and more. The event Facebook page is bit.ly/386bl9o.

Frances Stevenson is a reporter for the Lakeshore Weekly News, covering the communities around Lake Minnetonka.


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