PLYMOUTH — The case of the Wayzata Public Schools staff member allegedly exposing himself to students will be going to a jury trial in August 2019.

Matthew Gordon Bowers is accused of two counts of criminal sex conduct fifth-degree lewd exhibition and two counts of indecent exposure/lewdness to expose in the presence of a minor under 16, according to court records. All counts are gross misdemeanors.

Bowers was a paraprofessional a Home Base program assistant at Gleason Lake Elementary School since 2006 according to an April 2 letter sent to parents.

According to Media Coordinator for Hennepin County Attorney’s Office Chuck Laszewski, the parents of at least one of the two alleged victims were present in court for the omnibus hearing on May 30.

Plea deal

Thursday, May 30 Bowers made an appearance in court for an omnibus hearing, rescheduled from May 2. In stark contrast to his mugshot, Bowers had short hair and was wearing a suit for the hearing.

Prosecutor Paige Starkey explained that Bowers had declined the plea deal offered to him by the state. The plea, explained in court by Starkey, included Bowers pleading guilty to two counts of criminal sexual conduct, both gross misdemeanors. The other two charges of indecent exposure would be dropped.

The plea deal included 90 days in jail for each count, served consecutively, with four years of probation, a sex offender assessment, no contact with any students in the Wayzata school district, no contact with playgrounds and parks, no unsupervised contact with children, no contact with the two alleged victims and any other conditions set forth by the judge.

Bower's lawyer Andrew Garvis said in court that Bowers has no intention of pleading guilty.

Judge Philip Carruthers found probable cause for the case to continue and a jury trial was set for 9 a.m. Aug. 26.

Frances Stevenson is a reporter for the Lakeshore Weekly News, covering the communities around Lake Minnetonka.


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