PLYMOUTH — No one will be charged in the 2018 death of 7-year-old Keyaris Samuels, an Aug. 18 news release from the Plymouth Police Department says.

Samuels was found shot in the head in his home at CommonBond Communities on Shenandoah Lane in Plymouth around 3 p.m. on May 16, 2018, after finding a loaded handgun in a box in his home. According to Plymouth Police Chief Michael Goldstein, it is believed the child accidentally discharged the weapon.

“All leads have been exhausted and the case was declined for charges, therefore, the investigation has become inactive. The case could, however, be reopened if any new information becomes available,” the news release says.

Several interviews were conducted, DNA and other evidence was collected and analyzed by two separate forensics labs — the release notes this is unusual — phone analyses were completed by trained police personnel and the department hired a private company to conduct an independent analysis on the cell phones in the case, the release says.

“Keyaris Samuels, a young, innocent victim, should not have died because of the reckless and irresponsible actions of an individual who left a loaded, unsecured handgun in a residence where four young children resided. No family should ever have to endure such a senseless tragedy,” said Goldstein.

The case was submitted to both the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office and the city’s attorney’s office for charging considerations but both said there was not enough evidence to proceed with criminal charges, the release says.

“While we are extremely disappointed with the case outcome, we are grateful to the attorneys, the law enforcement partners who assisted with this case, and I am proud of the work done by our officers and investigators during this year-long investigation. No stone was left unturned,” said Chief Goldstein.

The release says if any new information is discovered “we will eagerly re-open the case.”

Frances Stevenson is a reporter for the Lakeshore Weekly News, covering the communities around Lake Minnetonka.


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