Wayzata Fire Department rescues ducklings (copy)

The Wayzata Fire Department saved several ducklings from an 8-foot-deep storm sewer on Monday, June 24.

WAYZATA — In an adorable rescue, the Wayzata Fire Department saved several ducklings from an eight-foot-deep storm sewer on Monday, June 24.

The seven ducklings fell into a storm drain in the enclosed courtyard outside the Park Nicollet Clinic at 250 Central Ave. N.

Wayzata Fire Chief Kevin Klapprich told Lakeshore Weekly News the firefighters put a 10-foot ladder down into the drain and firefighter Zev Oman went down into the drain to rescue the ducklings. John Berns and Klapprich were also on the scene.

The fire department received help from the Wayzata Police Department during the rescue.

All the ducklings seemed fine, Klapprich said, but they could not find their mother so the ducklings were sent to an animal rescue in Roseville to be checked out.

Klapprich isn’t sure how the ducklings ended up in the storm sewer but did say they were small enough to have fallen through the grate.

When ducklings hatch in the spring, they closely follow their mom wherever she goes. So when mama duck walks across the grate to a sewer, they follow. Mama duck is big enough to walk across the grate without issue, but the spaces between the grates are bigger than the ducklings, so they can fall in.

Klapprich encourages anyone who finds trapped ducklings during the summer months to call the local fire department to make sure the ducklings get home safely.

Frances Stevenson is a reporter for the Lakeshore Weekly News, covering the communities around Lake Minnetonka.


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