Photos from the Scott County fair continue to trickle in, like this one of a gorgeous sunset serving as a backdrop for the Ferris wheel, sent in by reader Jacob Hennen.

Patty Gilk hesitated, then relented. She would tell her story. This is how she was introduced to CBD products, made from cannabis-derived oil called cannabidiol (CBD) from the hemp plant. Unlike its cousin marijuana, CBD does not contain THC, therefore, it doesn’t produce a high.

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Valleyfair announced it will put on its largest ever event next year called Grand Carnivale, which will include a parade and a street party with food, drinks and music from around the world, according to an Aug. 15 press release. The event will run every day from July 25-Aug. 16 next summer.

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It takes a while for 5-year-old Payton Duzan to open up to people and share his feelings, but the moment police are mentioned an uncontrollable smile spreads across his face. His mother, Courtney Theis, said Payton’s admiration for police has been around since he was a toddler.