Obituary for Christopher Hamilton

Christopher Hamilton 31 Years young. Chris fought hard to find joy and purpose in every day, but on March 31st he ended his earthly life.

Survived by his loving family, parents, Mike and Rhonda, and sister, Katie; along with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. The hearts of those left behind are positively obliterated, though we can try to find solace in knowing he is finally free. Free from decades of suffering with depression, anxiety and the loneliness they breed.

Chris was compassionate, courageous, and incredibly ridiculously painfully intelligent. Funny doesn’t even do him justice. The man could impersonate just about anyone, immediately slipping into the perfect character down to his core. He was an artist, actor, and lover. Any game that allowed him to step into an alternate world, be that cards, board games, or role play, enabled him to find a measure of peace with his friends.

Gentle empathetic souls often give all that they have, and Chris was there for so many people; sharing his time, his love, his understanding, and doing whatever he could to make them feel special, loved, and cared for in our tough world. Even though he had so much to give, he could not allow himself to receive. Those that knew and loved him wanted so much for him, and offered him their hearts fully, but Chris did not feel he deserved it. That struggle, the willingness to give wholly of oneself, but not accept the same love and care in return was his thorn.

We know he loved us, and more importantly we know that he truly understood and believed that we all loved him. But even that unconditional love was not enough to save him. As heartbroken survivors, we are overwhelmed with the outpouring of love and support Chris’s friends are sharing with us. The stories, the love, the devastation they are sharing all highlight how much our son was loved by so many.

We know there are others out there who have been through this, are going through this, or feel like you cant do this anymore. Please, please know that you are not alone, there is always hope. A simple act of kindness can change a persons life; can save someone for another day and another chance at finding the help they need. Please, be the kind of friend Chris was.


In lieu of flowers, please donate to: Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

Funeral arrangements are with the Bertas

Funeral Home & Cremation Services of Chaska.