Obituary for Jackie Munsell

Jackie (Paul) Munsell, aged 63, of Litchfield, Addiction Counselor at Lone Wolf Recovery, was born on August 29, 1956 and died on June 23, 2020.

Jackie lived a life of joy and purpose. She saw the good in everyone. She had the best laugh. You could count on her to unleash it when it was needed most and you were glad she was there to break the ice. She’d catch your eye across the room and give you a wink to let you know that she knew that you knew you were both in on the thing that no one else knew. Jackie believed in the power of spirituality to affect positive change. She never judged; she listened. She was a peacemaker and a mediator at heart. If a life can be measured in how many people felt deeply loved and valued by a person, then Jackie’s life was priceless.

Jackie is survived by her children: Annie (Rod), Casey (Angie), Oscar (dachsund); her punkies: Keaton, Lewis, Maleia, Nyssa, Irving, Ygritte; her sisters: Ann (Rob), Kathy, Missy (Mike), and Niki; her brother: Scott; her stepchildren: Heather and Shaun; beloved nieces and nephews: Tweet, Becca, Brian, Ben, David, Greta, Ashley, Sophie; and step-siblings: Denise, Brenda, Guy, and Scott; countless cousins, extended family, beloved coworkers, and so many friends.

She is preceded in death by her mother, Beverly Wagener, her father, Ken Paul, her grandson, Hudson, and Petey, a very small dog who cast a long memory.

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