Obituary for Kenneth W. "Bud" Jacobsen

Kenneth W. "Bud" Jacobsen, age 78, of Savage, passed away Saturday, October 30, 2021 at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis.

Bud was born on June 15, 1943 to Gilbert and Irene Jacobsen of Clements, MN. He was one of eight children. He attended grade school in Clements and High School in Springfield, MN.

A hard worker from an early age, Bud became an apprentice for a Well Drilling Company as a teenager but it wasnt long before he had started a well drilling business of his own. Ever the entrepreneur, Bud went on to own businesses in well drilling, plumbing and heating, sewer and water, excavating, general contracting (both residential and commercial) and also tried his hand at land development, and built cabins in Wisconsin for over 30 years. He had various side hustles along the way including selling snowmobiles back in the day, raising pheasants and he even owned a hobby farm in his later years complete with a huge garden, a vineyard, koi fish, chickens, and Scottish Highlander cattle. He was fearless when it came to trying new business ventures and wasnt afraid to fail.

A great story Bud loved to tell was about when he was a kid (probably 11 or 12) and had a job detasseling corn for some farmer in the area. He made a deal with the farmer that he would accept payment in the form of a runt piglet the farmer had at the time. Buddy and his enterprising spirit also had a job at a local feed mill. Part of his job was to sweep up the extra feed that had fallen on the floor and he had asked permission to take it home for his little piglet. Well, his piglet grew up nice and fat and he eventually raised enough money to purchase another pig. Before long he had a bunch of piglets of his own to sell! Leave it to Bud to have that all figured out at such a young age! He was always a farmer at heart.

Bud was always so driven and worked hard but he also loved taking beautiful vacations and seeing the world with friends and family. He still had work to do and jobs to finish when he left us way too soon. He was just starting to slow down a bit in the last couple of years. Bud was an amazing friend to so many and would go out of his way to help people. A wonderful husband, father, and grandfather, Bud was always there for all of us. He was the rock of our family. Whether you needed to be dropped off at the airport at 4 a.m., had a flat tire, slid in the ditch, frozen pipes, needed a loan or a house built, Bud was your guy :) He will be celebrated and missed by so many.

Survived by his loving wife of 57 years, Sandee; children, Holly (Scot), and Tiffany; brother, Roger; sisters, Carmen and Joann; in-laws, Evie, Jan, Marlis, Gwen, Jeff, Jollie, and Kathy (Dennis); four grandchildren, Reese, Cooper, Piper, and Bella along with many other close family members and friends.

Preceded in death by parents, Gilbert (Mary) and Irene Jacobsen and brothers, Rollie, Loren, Dale, and Vernie.

A celebration of life to honor Bud will be held on Sunday, December 12 at the Shakopee Community Center, 1255 Fuller Street S., Shakopee, 3 to 7 p.m. Stop by and visit and help us honor Bud with one last celebration.