To celebrate the anniversary of it’s first year of becoming a city, Credit River recently buried a time capsule that will be opened in 50 years to give future generations a glimpse of what life was like in the city at its inception.

The Heritage Ceremony was held Tuesday, June 7, at the government center, 18985 Meadow View Blvd., in Prior Lake. Credit River Mayor Chris Kostik, Scott County Commissioner Tom Wolf, state Sen. Eric Pratt and Rep. Jon Koznick, R-Lakeville, attended the event.

The time-capsule project was initiated by Garrison Worthen, a Boy Scout from Troop 333, as one of the final steps toward his Eagle Scout, the top rank in the organization, Kostik said.

Worthen first proposed the project in August 2021, soliciting businesses to help fund the project and he arranging every detail, including the dedication ceremony, Kostik said. He presented the project to the council on March 4 and it was approved on a 5-0 vote.

"This was incredible to watch Garrison take the lead on this project and cover every detail leading up to the June 7 dedication ceremony," Kostik said. "The value and skills learned during this project will benefit Garrison far into the future. Garrison is hoping that in 50 years when the time capsule is scheduled to be opened, that he will be able to witness that event."

Kostik added that the first official year of Credit River becoming a city has been one for the books and has been a great experience.

"The biggest change has been taking on planning and zoning, a task that Scott County provides for townships," he said. "There are a lot of great things coming for Credit River, including a launch of a new website to better communicate with our residents, expected to release by September."

Hopes for the future

Worthen, 16, said the purpose of the project was to build community and he hopes that it continues to grow for years to come.

"My hope is that in 50 years this idea of building community continues," Worthen said. "The project is not yet completed. To fund the project, I sold engraved bricks to people in the community. We still have to wait for the ground to settle and then place the sponsor’s engraved bricks on top. We also included a USB drive in the capsule as current technology, but I think in 50 years it may be an antique by then."

Other items buried in the time capsule include:

  • A USB drive with digital copies of the majority of items in the time capsule
  • Current newspapers, including the Prior Lake American, Wall Street Journal and Sun Current
  • A list of the project’s sponsors
  • Scout Troop 333 memorabilia 
  • Letter from Credit River Mayor Kostik
  • Letter from Worthen
  • A children's book written by local author
  • Copy of historical documents, pictures and newspaper articles, including theories about how Credit River was named
  • Copy of historical maps of Credit River
  • Current map of Credit River
  • Written hopes for the future written by kids who attended the ceremony
  • Drone pics of the City of Credit River’s current Government Center
  • Official proclamations from Sen. Pratt and Rep. Koznick

A poster board of everything that was placed in the capsule is currently being displayed at the Credit River Government Center.