The Credit River Planning Commission reviewed a concept plan for a proposed subdivision to be called Yellowstone of Credit River at its Feb. 16 meeting.

The developer, ME Development Company, purchased the land that was previously approved for development as Creekside at Territory and Territory 5th Addition.

During the meeting, the commission reviewed an updated concept plan.

Ted Kowalski, a land developer with ME Development, said the purpose of changing the layout is to clean up the lot lines. He said the road locations do not change from what was previously approved.

“What we’re here tonight to talk to the planning commission about is we think we have a little bit of a better layout, better use of the property then what was originally proposed,” Kowalski said. “In the new plan, we don’t have to run a sewer pipe across the bridge across the creek.”

According to documents from the city, the existing plans — which previously have been approved — contain 25 lots connected to community septic and 52 larger rural residential lots connected to a private septic system. Territory 5th Addition contains the 25-lot portion and also provides outlots for the open space that was required as part of the original territory planned unit development and preliminary plat.

The new concept plan includes 39 community lots and 40 rural residential lots. The lots connected to community septic are located more contiguously with the existing lots in Territory. No open space outlots are provided. It is also planned that this development would not require a Homeowners Association.

Cindy Nash, city planner, said she has reviewed the Yellowstone new concept plan with city engineer Shane Nelson, but there are still a few challenges.

“Generally we agree, we like the new layout and the flow,” Nash said.

Nash also said that at this time, city staff recommends that any proposed new or expansion of an open space design development should contain permanently preserved open space and amenities.

The proposed subdivision is one of several luxury developments considered to be built in Credit River. Tara Farms and The Ranch of Credit River are up-and-coming countryside estates that are already under construction in the scenic landscapes of one of the state’s newest cities.

To contrast, another concept plan currently under review is the Summergate development that proposes a more dense subdivision in Northern Credit River. Summergate has been the subject of opposition by citizen’s coalition Credit River Rural Alliance for its density.

No action was taken by the commission regarding the Yellowstone development.

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