Let’s Dish!, a meal-kit service consisting of homemade meals designed to be frozen and cooked, is open for business in Prior Lake.

Let’s Dish!, which has been in business for 19 years across the Twin Cities, opened its doors at its new location at 6880 Boudin St. N.E. in Prior Lake in October 2021. It started as a make-and-take meal stop and recently shifted its focus to providing grab-and-go retail options for customers looking for quick and easy mealtime solutions.

“Our goal is to have a place that’s super simple to shop that literally anyone can come in and find something for their family,” said Darcy Olson, the owner of Let’s Dish! and a Savage resident. “It’s a great store where you can go and buy food that’s super easy to cook at home that your family will love.”

Olson said the Let’s Dish! Prior Lake location has 11 freezers full of year-round favorites to seasonal dishes, including a new fall lineup.

“Everything is organized by protein types. We have family style chicken pot pie, barbacoa beef burrito bowls and Tuscan creamy Italian pasta are some of the favorites that people love,” Olson said. “Some of the new items that we have that are seasonal are things like pork chops with cranberry almond rice, beef and caramelized onion paninis and a super healthy sheet pan lemon rosemary chicken and potatoes.”

Olson said she decided to change her concept of a make-and-take meal service to grab-and-go due to the fast pace of today’s society. She said many of her customers want delicious, home cooked meals made from fresh ingredients, but they just don’t have the time or knowledge to do it.

“We started as a make-and-take concept, like an assembly. Customers would come in and prepare their meals and they would freeze them at home,” Olson said. “As time went on people wanted more convenience. That’s really what our customers are looking for today and by doing our new retail concept, there’s much more variety available to our customers. We’re able to make it easier for them to shop and to prepare meals at home.”

Olson said there are several reasons customers love Let’s Dish!, For one thing, she says all the ingredients are fresh and all the meals are made in-store.

“There’s a few reasons our customers tell us they love Let’s Dish! meals and one is peace of mind. They know that they’ve got options in their freezer ready to go no matter what life throws at them,” she said. “Having something ready to go is really powerful and I think in today’s world, so much food goes to waste because our schedules change so much and it’s hard to pull it off nightly. So, it’s a great comfort.”

Olson also said her customers don’t have to deal with grocery shopping, which often leads to frustration. She also said her meals are affordable.

“Let’s say you go grocery shopping and you have 10 things on your list but three things are out of stock ... having everything ready in one little bag ready to go is quite a value for our customers,” she said. “People also can’t eat out every night. People want to eat at home, especially during the pandemic — you saw more and more people doing curbside, takeout, etc. But all that takes time, as well, and it’s not exactly affordable on a daily basis.”

Let’s Dish! offers over 80 menu items and several different options, from gluten free, low sodium meals under 400 calories per serving plus appetizers, sides and deserts. There are six and three serving sizes available for all meals. Meals are $18 for three-serving size, $30 for six-serving size. Appetizers and sides start at $8.

“We try and have the most fresh ingredients possible with not a lot of added sugar and carbs,” Olson said. “Keeping everything as simple as possible is also really important to us. Less processed food in general is a great thing for all of us.”

Olson welcomes everyone to try one of her unique meals.

“We love being a local Minnesota business and we’re excited to have our time in Prior Lake,” Olson said. “It’s fun seeing people of all demographics, ages and stages of life come in.”