It is a family affair at Anchor Boutique in Prior Lake.

The boutique on Anna Trail, which opened in 2014, is owned by Bonnie Menden. Her daughter, Kelsey Flattem, is a sales assistant. Flattem’s husband created the Waver Clothing Company, a casual lake-themed line which is sold at the store. The custom tables sold at the store are made by her son and daughter-in-law. Her grandchildren model the clothing.

“Family is really important,” Menden said.

In 2004, Menden and her husband, Fritz Menden, opened a salon in Shakopee on 17th Avenue for one of their daughters, who is a cosmetologist. Since Menden and Flattem were not cosmetologists, they added a boutique at the front of the salon.

“We both have a love for hair and clothing, so it seemed like a good fit to put the two together,” Menden said. “(Flattem) moved to Prior Lake. My husband and I, the plan at the time was to retire on Prior Lake, so this would be a good place for us to set up business, too.”

The family opened Anchor Boutique and Allure Hair Salon and Spa in Prior Lake in 2014. Now, Menden and her husband are building a house on Prior Lake.

“I grew up just south of Prior Lake, so this is going back to home,” Menden said. Her husband also grew up in Shakopee.

Anchor Boutique aims to be a bit more casual and local, like the lake-themed casual clothing line Lakegirl and Waver Clothing, Menden said.

“You won’t find stilettos here or anything like that,” she said. “Definitely family-oriented, casual.”

The boutique also has quick gifts for when someone doesn’t necessarily have time to run to a shopping mall, like home decor, lotions, bubble bath, picture frames and more, Menden said.

“Most of it we try to have be lake-oriented, but we do have some farm stuff,” Menden said. “We have a small line of what’s trending.”

Flattem said her favorite part about working at the boutique was the customers.

“You meet people and you kind of get relationships with the customers,” Flattem said.

Menden said Prior Lake is a “friendly community.”

“(Customers) come back, they support us,” Menden said. “It’s just like when you’re on the lake and everybody is waving.”

Menden said she is working to expand what the boutique offers, like children’s clothing and keeping up with current trends for home decor or gifts.

Flattem said she convinced Menden to add more baby clothing and baby gifts — she’s currently pregnant with two of the boutique’s future models.

Maggie Stanwood was born and raised in small-town Iowa before moving to Wyoming in middle school. After her brief stint in the Wild West, she attended the University of Missouri - Columbia, where she graduated in May 2017 with a Bachelors in Journalism.


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