Prior Lake Football (copy)

The Prior Lake-Savage Area School Board this week raised activity fees and decided students must pay a few dollars to get into athletic events.

Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools are increasing activity fees by $15 next school year to keep up with rising costs, the district activities director said Monday.

The district will also no longer offer students free entry into sporting events. Students can pay $5 at the ticket booth or purchase a $40 yearly pass online.

The School Board on Monday unanimously voted to raise fees to account for increased coach stipends, fees for using the Dakota Sports Arena and the Savage Ice Dome and more. Activity costs will go up by about $33,000 altogether over the next three years, Reetz said, and the $15 increase is meant to account for it.

“It’s been three years since we last looked at fees,” he said. “While some districts are keeping fees down, they’re cutting things like return busing. We’re trying to maintain all our activities and programming.”

The district increased its activity fees by $10 in 2016.

“One thing other districts get caught up in is they wait too long and their fee increase ends up being closer to $50,” Reetz said. “We have a general idea of what our increases will look like over time.”

The entrance fee and yearly passes will help cut down ticketing lines, Reetz added.

On June 10, board member Jonathan Drewes said activity fees can feel expensive but the district’s fees are close to those of other schools.

Board member Michael Nelson said she felt comfortable with the increase and that it will help the district’s general fund.


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