Hamilton Ridge groundbreaking

Prior Lake-Savage Area school board members, administration and others gathered at the construction site of Hamilton Ridge Elementary School in southwest Savage for a groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday, June 20.

School may be out, but hard work continues around Prior Lake-Savage Area Schools, district officials said this week, with some construction crews working 12 hour days and weekends to complete renovations.

The district is renovating throughout its elementary schools, building Hamilton Ridge Elementary and working on the addition of the new Bridges Area Learning Center to Twin Oaks Middle School.

Assistant Director of Operations and Transportation Maureen Mullen told the School Board during its Monday meeting that kitchen and cafeteria renovations to the middle schools were moving along nicely and that Redtail Ridge and Jeffers Pond elementary schools would be receiving new furniture deliveries soon.

Some of the more extensive projects are being held up by the weather.

“At the ALC, the weather continues to be a challenge for us, not just the rain that we’ve had all spring, but the humidity is making it challenging for curing concrete, drying mud and paint,” Mullen said.

The new Bridges center is set to open this fall. The alternative high school program is currently hosted in the strip mall near Westwood and Edgewood elementary schools. According to district publications, the center will be able to serve 135 students.

Vice Chair Stacey Ruelle asked if weather conditions was pushing the project off track, but Mullen said staff members are working hard to prevent that.

“It’s very challenging to move forward when we’re not drying, but we’ll be pushing to the end,” Mullen said. “People are working, we’re letting them in at 5 a.m. in the morning, we’re here on weekends letting them in and locking up after.”

Director Michael Nelson lauded the progress district staff and building partner Nexus have made over the last few months.

“It’s amazing to see where we’re at,” Nelson said.

Meg Britton-Mehlisch is a regional reporter covering Scott County for Southwest News Media.


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