McKenna Crossing

McKenna Crossing.

Eight residents and two staff members have tested positive for COVID-19 at the McKenna Crossing senior living in Prior Lake, a facility administrator said Tuesday.

Two residents have been hospitalized.

The outbreak emerged on May 7 when two residents who live together in assisted living tested positive for the virus, Melissa Kirchhoff, the facility’s campus administrator with Presbyterian Homes & Services, said in a statement.

“They are recovering in isolation in their apartment with the support of dedicated staff,” she wrote.

Five residents in memory care and one additional resident in assisted living have since tested positive.

Two of these residents are recovering at a dedicated COVID-19 recovery site, Interlude Restorative Suites in Fridley, and two other residents have been hospitalized.

The remaining two residents are receiving care and support while self-quarantined in their memory care suites at McKenna Crossing.

Two staff members have also tested positive, Kirchhoff stated. They are recovering at home until they are cleared to return to work.

In total, 183 seniors live at McKenna Crossing.

“Due to the special needs and challenges of isolating individuals in memory care, we have implemented isolation precautions throughout the memory care residential area by encouraging residents to stay in their rooms and ensuring that staff use appropriate personal protective equipment as they provide care and support,” Kirchhoff wrote.

“We love these individuals like our own family and the outpouring of support from residents, family and the community has been truly inspiring. We are in regular contact with families and pray for all those feeling isolated and anxious.”

On Sunday, May 10, the Minnesota Department of Health added McKenna Crossing to the state’s list of congregate care facilities with confirmed exposure to COVID-19.

Kirchhoff said residents, family and staff were notified of the positive cases on the same day the test results were received. They’ve also been updated as new cases have emerged.

McKenna Crossing is the only congregate care facility in Scott County with a reported exposure, but over 150 facilities have reported exposures statewide.

“Exposure is defined as a COVID exposure from either a resident, staff member of visiting service provider,” the health department states.

The health department’s list is cumulative and some facilities may not have ongoing transmission.

On Thursday, Minnesota recorded 13,435 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 663 related deaths since the outbreak began.

Scott County residents account for 186 of the state’s cases and one death.

“Following the Governor’s announcement last week about additional state testing, we are getting many questions, but we have not yet seen broader testing being conducted by the state,” Kirchhoff said, adding they are coordinating with their primary care teams to conduct additional testing as directed.

The facility remains under visitor restrictions, which were implemented on March 13.

Residents are encouraged to wear masks that were donated by the Prior Lake Fire Department, Kirchhoff said, and personal protective equipment is provided to caregivers.

Non-clinical staff are also required to wear masks.

“I want to commend the McKenna Crossing staff who come to work every day,” Kirchhoff concluded. “They have gone above and beyond to care for residents and to keep them engaged and connected with each other and with their families while practicing social distancing. Their dedication and creativity are amazing and they infuse these difficult days with hope and love.”

Christine Schuster is a reporter for the Savage Pacer.


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