Credit River Town Hall

Credit River Township was recently granted its petition for incorporation which will officially change it from a township to a city.

The first Credit River City Council won’t look much different than the last Credit River Township Board. Voters re-elected all but one public official to represent the newly incorporated city on Tuesday.

After a lengthy incorporation process, Credit River held its first municipal election May 11— the final step necessary to change the township to a city.

Credit River residents elected township board chair Chris Kostik as mayor with 757 votes, or 52% of the votes. Challengers BJ Jungmann and Rob Casey received 238 and 453 votes, respectively. Kostik will serve a two-year term that expires Jan. 2, 2023.

4-year council terms

Voters chose Leroy Schommer and Brent Lawrence to serve the two, four-year council member terms which expire Jan. 6, 2025. Lawrence received 858 votes, about 32%, and Schommer received 739 votes, about 27%. Both are sitting township board members.

The remainder of the vote share went to Bob Hawkins, 550 votes (20%); Dexter Spilman, 403 votes (15%); and Karin Witt, 134 votes (5%).

2-year council terms

Voters chose sitting board member Alan Novak and newcomer Andrew Stevens to serve the two, two-year council member terms which expire Jan. 2, 2023. Novak received 797 votes, about 30%, and Stevens received 573 votes, about 22%.

The remainder of the vote share went to Abe Zanto, 532 votes (20%), sitting board member Paul Howe, 441 votes (17%); and Brock Dombrovski, 251 votes (10%).