Editor’s note: The following submissions were written by Prior Lake High School students Hayley Mullins and Twin Oaks Middle School student Abby Horter. Mullins and Horter are performing in a production of “Owl Moon,” put on by the Stages Theatre Company and the Escalate Dance and Theatre Studio. The show will run from March 8-24 at the Stages Theatre Company.

Abby Horter

Hi, I’m Abby Horter, and I will be playing the bird in the upcoming show at Stages Theater Company. The people I have met through this experience are all very kind and caring people. Through this show I have made many new friendships and strengthened old ones. I could see all of these friendships lasting a very long time. This show is also giving me many new opportunities in dance. I get to learn from new choreographers and learn many different styles of dance.

“Owl Moon” is based off of a children’s book about a young girl and her father who go owling, or searching for owls. Through the show, many different animals greet them as the come into the forest. Once they get to the perfect spot, her father calls to the owl. It takes a few times, but they get a response. Once the owl leaves, they recap their whole journey.

This show would be a good experience for kid to see how stories can come to life through theater.

Hayley Mullins

I am so glad I was given the opportunity by Stages Theatre Company to perform in Owl Moon! It has been an awesome and fun experience.

Everyone that is a part of the show is very fun to work with. I love learning all of the choreography and seeing the show come together, especially as we rehearse on stage. I can’t wait for performances; it is only getting more exciting as the rehearsals go on.

People should come to see “Owl Moon” because it is very family-friendly and can be enjoyed by audience members of all ages. It is very interesting seeing the award-winning children’s picture book come to life on stage. This show is telling the story mainly through dance and movement, which is what makes it unique as well.