Local muralist Greg Preslicka paints an illustration in his sketchbook. Preslicka recently teamed up with the Seymour Agency where he will work with children’s authors to illustrate their books.

Local artist Greg Preslicka’s artwork can be found lining the interior of the Shakopee community pool, welcoming visitors to downtown Prior Lake, on the walls of the Savage Library and soon in the pages of those books.

Preslicka recently announced his partnership with the Seymour Agency, a literary agency representing a variety of award-winning and best-selling authors, where he will work with children’s authors to illustrate their books.

While filling the pages of children’s books with his artwork has always been a job Preslicka has wanted to take on, teaming up with the agency really came about by happenstance.

Preslicka was contacted by a children’s author in search of an illustrator for their latest book. The author passed Preslicka’s sample work onto his representation at the Seymour Agency, which was well received.

“It’s a wonderful opportunity to be represented by an agency like Seymour,” Preslicka said. “The children’s book or the picture book is kind of a new venture for them and repping illustrators, so I feel very fortunate to be one of their first illustrators that they have signed on with.”

Having designed packaging for companies like Nabisco, General Mills, Hormel, 3M and inventing and designing board games with Fisher Price, Think Fun and Winning Moves, illustrating children’s books is a similar but new venture for Preslicka.

“A lot of the illustrations I’ve done commercially. I’ve done work with General Mills and I used to do a lot of back panel cereal illustrations for kid stuff, so my style is very kid,” he said. “The way I think and the sensibility of my style lends well for children’s books.”

When his own kids were little, Preslicka wrote and illustrated short books for his family to enjoy and by teaming up with the Seymour Agency he just may be able to publish them.

“I’ve been writing little books and illustrating them for my family for years and I had some books that I started that have just been kind of sitting, I’ve been kind of waiting for the right time, so when I got connected with the Seymour Agency I thought well this is the opportunity,” he said.

With the ball just beginning to roll, Preslicka’s not sure when stories of his own or books including his illustrations will be making their way to the bookshelves, but he’s elated about the prospect of adding published authors to his list of accomplishments.

“To eventually be in that pool, to say I’m a children’s book illustrator and author would be wonderful,” he said.

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