Dad's video about bullies

Bradley Knudson of Prior Lake uses YouTube to take bullies — and their father — to task.

A YouTube video created by a Prior Lake man who calls out his daughter’s bullies is causing a stir on social media.

In the video, published on Monday (Jan. 19), Bradley Knudson appears on camera and talks about two high school freshmen from Prior Lake who he says bullied his daughter on Snapchat in December. Knudson describes the incident: “my beautiful African American daughter being bullied via Snapchat and the unbelievable response from the father.” He says he adopted his daughter 11 years ago.

Knudson goes on to show a video he took on his own smartphone of a Snapchat video in which a teen calls his daughter a slut, a “n*****” and a “fat a** b****.”

Snapchat videos are immediately deleted after they’re sent, but Knudson said he took out his phone to record the teen bullying the fourth time it happened the same night.

The video then delves into phone conversations between Knudson and the teens’ father, who he identifies by first and last name. He plays voice mails allegedly from the bullies’ dad, who calls him a “n***** lover” and a “f*g.” As of Thursday night, the video had thousands of comments beneath it, including some that gave a link to the bullies’ father’s Facebook page (which now appears to have been deleted) and told people to leave him notes on it.

The YouTube comments range from strong support for Knudson to name-calling and criticism of his decision to “call out” the bullies by name on social media.

Knudson says Prior Lake High School officials talked to the freshmen and their parents. The Prior Lake-Savage Area School District issued a statement to media outlets stating that the district is conducting its own investigation and “does not tolerate racism, harassment or bullying of any kind.”

Police Lt. Randy Hofstad said the Prior Lake police investigated the incident after Knudson reported it, and talked to the children and their parents. Hofstad said the department reached out to Knudson after seeing the video this week and asked whether he wanted to pursue charges, but he said he didn’t want further police involvement.

On Wednesday, a company that says it employed the bullies’ dad announced that it had fired him based on the incident.


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