Businesses and residents of several neighborhoods could see a new line on their taxes following the City Council’s decision to authorize three special assessments during their Monday meeting.

The assessments will raise $726,000 for a project on the Duluth Avenue intersection, road maintenance around the city and an upcoming feasibility study for a project on Fish Point Road. The move allows the council to redistribute the financial burden of major projects to the taxes of the properties that benefit most.

The biggest assessment goes to the mill and overlay of the Regal Crest, Fountain Hills, Carriage Hills, and Pike Lake road area, providing about 60% of the project’s $700,000 budget.

Assistant city engineer Nick Monserud told the council that city staff had decided to charge properties in that area $1,266 per residential density unit of each lot.

The assessments for the Duluth Avenue intersection and Fish Point Road project were divided by acreage: about $11,500 and $6,500 per acre respectively.

Monserud said that residents had until Nov. 7 to pay the special assessment tax amount in order to avoid interest payments.

Councilmembers also welcomed Jason Wedel home during the same meeting following a unanimous vote to approve his contract for the city manager position.

Wedel was selected by the council following the firing of former city manager Michael Plante in August.

The council approved a starting salary of $152,000 for the remainder of the year and a cost of living increase to $156,560 after Dec. 31. Plante had been receiving a salary of $140,000.

Interim City Manager Lori Olson said Wedel’s salary reflected a competitive offer for the pay he was receiving as Chahassen Public Works director and city engineer and would be covered by the money the city saved in not paying Plante’s salary rate for the last two months.

“Welcome home,” Mayor Kirt Briggs told Wedel.


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