Lakefront medallion finders

Prior Lake’s Schreck family — parents Cali and Dan and kids Cameron and Everly — won the $200 prize after finding the Lakefront Days medallion in the festival’s annual contest.

The Lakefront Days medallion was found this week just in time for Prior Lake's annual festival. 

The Schreck family won $200 after finding the memento next to a stump along a trail near Trillium Cove, Cali Schreck and the Prior Lake Chamber of Commerce said. Cali, her husband, Dan, and their two kids, Cameron and Everly, moved to town less than a year ago and jumped into the contest for the first time, Cali Schreck said Friday. 

Tracking down the medallion with several clues was an adventure that gave some good family time, she added, and finding the prize was a complete surprise. The Chamber provided the clues and said the item would be hidden on public property outdoors. 

The first hint the family used came in the third clue, which mentioned roundabouts and detours, Schreck said. Subsequent clues pointed to construction, meadows and a trail. The family checked several times at the wrong park before the sixth clue pointed them to a tree stump. 

The annual Lakefront Days runs from Friday night through Saturday night at Lakefront Park. Saturday's activities include a stationary parade, bean bag tournament and a ninja obstacle course. Many are free; others cost a few dollars per person. 


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