Sanya Pirani

Sanya Pirani

2020 was arduous in many ways for everyone. People were in lockdown with limited interactions and getting daily necessities was laborious. For those children and families who were already facing financial and food insecurities, this scenario was even more difficult.

When we are able to be provided plentiful daily necessities we have a moral, ethical and social responsibility to help our marginalized communities who don’t have similar access to needed goods. We are living in a turmoil crisis; uncertainty is kind of a new norm for us.

These types of situations call for unprecedented communal unity and a sense of brotherhood. I come to you as a local nonprofit youth leader asking you to help me to support our marginalized children and families, especially in our community. I believe we are a community of higher moral standards, so let us work together to support our own community.

Sanya’s Hope for Children is a student-led nonprofit focused on children helping other children. Our mission is that we strongly believe every child deserves basic human rights like food, shelter, clothes, health, safety and education. Our vision is that we believe that helping a child means transforming a community one life at a time. Every year we usually run anywhere between 10-13 projects to help our community. Please visit our website under causes to see the details. Today, we will only discuss our food drive and volunteer opportunity. Next month we will provide more information.

Why a food drive? According to Feeding America’s website, 1 in 9 Minnesotans, including 1 in 6 kids, are facing hunger. Over the last 12 years, Minnesota has made slow but steady progress in reducing Minnesota’s food insecurity rate, but COVID-19 has undone the progress. There is no doubt the economic situation is improving but there are many in our local community trying to catch up with 2020 losses.

The current health crisis has turned into an economic issue and a struggle to get necessities and for that reason, Sanya’s Hope for Children has decided to run a food drive and fundraiser collecting non-perishable items. We have the capacity to buy $9 worth of food for just a dollar so monetary donations are very helpful.

Our food drive already started and will end May 15, in honor of the annual “Minnesota Food Share March Campaign.” Our goal is 1,000 pounds of food and $5,000 to donate to our local food shelf. Drop-off locations are Prior lake City Hall and Chaska Curling Center.

Just in 2020, since this health crisis began, Sanya's Hope for Children has helped over 10,000 local children and families with their food needs, we provided 550 children with Christmas gifts, we helped 500 children with school supplies, 1,000 with basic supplies like socks, hats, underwear, mittens and blankets. We also provided over 4,545 meals to children in Haiti as our ongoing effort to support FMSC and provided over 5,000 books to Books of Africa. We also provided free virtual sewing lessons with the collaboration of 4-H. We are not limited to just these efforts. Visit our website to see our ongoing efforts.

For this project, our anonymous contributor will match every dollar you donate, up to $1,000, which means your donation will go a long way. Please donate to help children and families who need help putting food on their table.

SHFC is collaborating with CAP Agency to help our local food shelf, but we can’t keep up with this fight alone. Here are four ways the community can help:

  • Donate. Write a check to SHFC. The link to our online donations is
  • Volunteer in April or May. Help us pick up and drop off food items from various locations during working hours or help pick up and drop off fabric from various places. If you can sew, you can sew SHFC bags with us (we use these bags during Christmas-time to fill with basic necessities and toys as a holiday gift for homeless children). We provide directions, teachings and supplies. If you'd like to volunteer email your phone number to
  • Pitch in as a corporate partner or business owner. You can offer matching funds or you can display our compassion jars to collect loose change.
  • Buy from SHFC Marketplace. Anyone can buy items from our small marketplace that launched at the end of 2020. Visit All profits go to help marginalized children and families.

We need our community, our corporate partners, donors, volunteers and advocates to ensure hunger remains critical to COVID’s response and recovery. Please help us to help our community.

Sanya Pirani is a freshman at Prior Lake High School and the founder/CEO of Sanya’s Hope For Children, a nonprofit organization. She is the Youth Ambassador for CAP Agency in Scott, Dakota and Carver counties. SHFC was founded in January 2017 and is committed to helping children by transforming communities one life at a time.