Sanya Pirani

Sanya Pirani

The holidays are a time for family, community and friendship bonding. However, we need to further this and think beyond the comfort of our close circles. We need to start noticing the circumstances of our community, by thinking beyond our needs and start thinking about others. This is a tough task but necessary in times such as these, especially during the holiday season.

Minnesota is still seeing spikes in COVID 19 cases, people are still struggling to put food on their tables, paying for day-to-day expenses. We, as a community, should come together to do our part to help those who are struggling. This is the time of year that brings the community together, there are many ways to get involved either by volunteering with your time or sharing knowledge and resources.

Sanya’s Hope for Children can help facilitate this. We are a student-led nonprofit organization focused on children helping other children. Our mission is that we strongly believe every child deserves basic human rights like food, shelter, clothes, health, safety and education. Our vision is that we believe that helping a child means transforming a community, one life at a time.

Here are some upcoming opportunities for giving to the max and volunteering with Sanya’s Hope For Children:

6th annual Christmas Bag event: On Dec. 4, from 5-8 p.m., we have our Christmas Bag setup event and on Dec. 5 we host our Christmas Bag packing event. We need 50-60 volunteers per day. We prefer volunteers older than 14 since this event requires lifting boxes. Please signup online on our website under our blog header.

Toy Drive: We are still collecting new toys for our Christmas Bag Project. Support our toy drive by collecting new toys or donating monetary funds towards the cause. Visit our website to learn more about the project.

SHFC Marketplace: Anyone can buy items from our small marketplace which was just launched at the end of 2020. Otherwise, write a check to SHFC or visit our website and navigate to the online donation option. 100% of our profits go to help marginalized children and families.

Sewing: We need volunteers who have sewing skills and time. These volunteers will sort out fabric, make kits for our bags, sew bags (we use these bags during Christmas time to fill with basic necessities and toys as a holiday gift for homeless children). We provide directions and supplies. Please visit our website under blog to see more details.

For more information, contact us at Thank you for your generosity and God bless you!

Sanya Pirani is a sophomore at Prior Lake High School and the founder/CEO of Sanya’s Hope For Children, a nonprofit organization. She is the Youth Ambassador for CAP Agency in Scott, Dakota and Carver counties. SHFC was founded in January 2017 and is committed to helping children by transforming communities one life at a time.