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I am incensed with what is happening at our southern border. If we have to be locked down, wear masks, social distance and keep business closed, why are we allowing illegal immigrants to be introduced to our general public with no COVID testing?

With the horrific issue of child trafficking and the children held in cages we must speak up and stop this! If you think this has no impact on you here in Minnesota, think again. We have many cities here that are listed as dangerous human trafficking areas as well as drugs.

Whatever your political association, we all need to wake up and call Congress. This influx affects everyone and we must take a stand and tell our elected officials, both state and federal that this has got to be stopped. These people need a stiff reminder that they work for us and are responsible for the health and welfare of American citizens first and should not be promoting drug and human trafficking along with the pandemic. This is intolerable and disgusting!

Patricia Bergren

Prior Lake