The differences between the Democratic and Republican conventions were clear. Democrats presented plans to address our nation's challenges including the biggest one, global warming, while Republicans presented no plans. Trump as reported by the Star Tribune, Washington Post, New York Times a…

My wife and I came to Prior Lake six years ago and bought a nice, modest townhouse on Deerfield Drive S.E. As retired newcomers, we’ve found a wonderful community with many neighbors and townspeople who are exceptionally friendly and helpful. No disappointments…until a few days ago.

I am a white male and have no control over that. I inherited nothing in life other than what my parents taught me including being decent to people and using common sense. I made the right decisions in my life. I have had a successful marriage and raised successful children through hard work.…

I am a white male who grew up in Prior Lake. I have never been discriminated against by the color of my skin, my gender or sexual orientation. It is because of this privilege that I can understand why many see police brutality and institutional racism as a Minneapolis problem or a narrative …

On behalf of Prior Lake restaurants and businesses, I would like to profoundly thank our local Prior Lake leaders for their support of our community and businesses. Earlier this week our Prior Lake City Council supported downtown boutique businesses, garnering the attention of Fox 9.

Coronavirus is expanding quickly and we now have a national emergency. This is serious because of its evolving and dynamic nature. With the enormous scope of the problem, a lot of questions and not much answer, it is easy to get confused, demoralized, frozen with fear and transfixed into inaction.


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