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Last week, Texas filed a complaint at the Supreme Court against four states who appear to have broken their own state laws regarding the management of the recent presidential election. I encourage all Americans to read the filing to understand what each of these states did and why their actions disenfranchised tens of millions of legal voters in states who followed both their state election laws and the U.S. Constitution. The Supreme Court denied hearing the complaint on the grounds that Texas did not have standing but did not deny it on the merits.

If our country allows this election to stand given what we know and what was done, we are no better than China, Venezuela, Russia or any other country where elections are a joke and results cannot be trusted. It may be time to seriously start contemplating separating the country into two. Because of today’s drastic differing views regarding fair elections, freedom, taxes, religion, equal opportunity versus equal outcome, media, entertainment, what is good, science and preserving history, it could not be clearer that a separation might now be in everyone’s best interest.

We can keep the Constitution. They can have the United Nations. We can keep taxes low. They can tax themselves to death. We can have fair elections while they can resort to an oligarchy with unfair elections. We can have OAN, they can have CNN. We can have freedom to express differing ideas, they can suppress ideas that do not support the narrative of the day. We can keep the military and police to keep us safe, they can take the FBI/CIA/DOJ and social workers to keep them safe. Burgers/beers for us and kale/kombucha for them. We can keep our schools named after great Americans like Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Martin Luther King, Jr. and they can change their school names to Mao High, Maduro Middle School and Putin Prep Academy should they choose. The list goes on and on.

Oh, and we can open all our businesses and send our kids back to school and they can continue with idiotic lockdowns and restrictions of small businesses and keeping kids in a bubble at home.

William Markert

Prior Lake