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We’ve never had a perfect president. Some have been good, some not so good. Too many Americans have very short memories. And although individual perspectives often vary, facts never do. Let’s review just some achievements of two presidencies.

  • Trillion dollars for nonexistent “shovel-ready jobs”
  • Deliberate strangulation of the coal industry
  • Lowest labor participation rate in decades
  • Ninety-two million Americans out of work
  • Manufacturing job loss presented as new normal
  • Over 47 million Americans on food stamps
  • Mandate to purchase insurance or face fines
  • National debt spiraling from $9 trillion to over $17 trillion
  • Historic U.S. credit rating downgrade
  • Taxpayer-funded presidential global apology tours
  • Billions of dollars sent to Iran, making nuclear weapons more possible
  • ISIS viewed as JV team, Syrian red line ignored
  • Five terrorists traded for a deserter
  • Supported building of mosque at Ground Zero
  • Muslim call to prayer deemed “one of the prettiest sounds on earth at sunset”
  • Police accused of stupidity
  • Associated Press reporters spied upon
  • Americans pitted against each other, divided into numerous political identity groups
  • Putin warned to “cut it out”
  • Collusion with Putin: “more flexibility after the election”
  • DACA created by executive fiat
  • Fast and Furious, IRS, and the VA scandals all ignored
  • Women’s restrooms made available to men

Now contrast all that with the following:

  • Roaring economy, job openings at all-time high, outnumbering job seekers
  • Minority, women, and youth unemployment at record lows
  • Poverty rates at record low, rise in median household incomes
  • Massive deregulation, historic tax reform, surging retail sales
  • Energy independence, largest crude oil producer, natural gas exporter
  • Increase in manufacturing jobs
  • VA scandal cleaned up, medical treatment accessible to veterans
  • Right to Try legislation
  • Obamacare’s “death panels” repealed
  • American leadership restored in the world
  • Jerusalem recognized as Israel’s capitol
  • NAFTA renegotiated
  • NATO and UN called upon to pay their fair share
  • Withdrawal from job-killing Paris Climate and Trans-Pacific Partnership agreements
  • Military Rules of Engagement relaxed
  • Southern border being secured
  • Syrian red line reinforced, ISIS decimated, Iran sanctioned
  • Over dozen American hostages freed from captivity without ransom payments
  • Dozens of Russians expelled, Russian consulate in Seattle closed
  • America’s interests are top priority
  • Presidential salary donated to various government departments
  • Transparency and declassification facilitated
  • It’s again OK to say “Merry Christmas”

One has been praised and protected by mainstream media, portrayed with a saintly halo on magazine covers, revered in songs and awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. The other has been called an idiot, traitor, dictator, Hitler, Nazi, racist, liar and worse and without a shred of evidence is under multiple investigations for uncommitted, imaginary crimes.

Anyone see anything wrong with these pictures? Perhaps it’s time all Americans stopped listening to self-serving politicians and the discredited and deceitful media. Perhaps it’s time to stop the vitriol, violence and groupthink and start promoting critical individual thinking. Not everyone has the awesome privilege of living in America. It’s up to all Americans to preserve the greatest country on this earth!

Alexandra Matyja

Prior Lake


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