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I’m so touched that Melissa Enger had a “great day” on Jan. 6. (“Former PLSAS Board Member Recounts Her Experience at the Capitol,” Prior Lake American, Jan. 16)

Her point seems to be that there was a large gathering with a “small fringe group” of insurrectionists. Yet thousands stormed the Capitol and hundreds entered, wreaking destruction and trying to subvert the electoral process. Fortunately they failed.

Ms. Enger “didn’t see anything through the crowd.” Didn’t see the makeshift gallows, perhaps?

She claims Trump supporters wouldn’t invade buildings, but they did: another thing she didn’t see, metaphorically. Did she also not see that in traveling to the “Save America” rally she heeded the call of a president who, during his “peaceful” speech that day, trashed his vice president for not agreeing to contravene the Constitution?

A witness to history should be able to see more clearly.

Your reporter gamely tries to introduce the notion of insurrection with her lede. A better closing would be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s powerful statement comparing the events of Jan. 6 to “Kristallnacht.”

Mary Feeney

Prior Lake