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I am writing a response to the Prior Lake American news article “Scott County commissioner remains 'vaccine-hesitant' after COVID hospitalization” dated Nov. 23 online.

I am not writing to criticize, debase or vilify Commissioner Dave Beer. I am glad he recovered from COVID-19 and wish him the best. I personally believe the decision to get vaccinated is best left up to the individual even for an elected official like Beer.

I am a fully vaccinated person that recently got the Moderna booster after getting the initial first two doses that were Pfizer back in March. I personally made that decision as many others choose not. I do not think any less of a person because they had concerns or did not believe in getting vaccinated. It is not the job of government, the media or the opinions of other people to force others to do something. We are a nation founded on the principles of individualism.

I understand the argument of consequences for your actions, but those are the individual’s consequences to face. I also understand the argument of public safety, but government cannot guarantee the safety of everyone without falling into tyranny or more people getting harmed in the process.

I am writing for the reader of this letter to consider the individual rights that every American has. We are not vaccinated vs unvaccinated. We are Americans that have the right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. That’s is what is being missed right now during this whole situation with COVID-19 and vaccines.

Josh D. Ondich

Prior Lake