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Rep. Angie Craig is making sure our voices are heard. Already she has hosted seven town halls throughout the district to hear from her constituents on all topics.

Of the topics we’ve heard her speak on, few are as critical to our daily life as improving Minnesota’s infrastructure. It is the very framework of Minnesota, and Angie’s work to improve infrastructure benefits everyone who lives and works in and around the Twin Cities.

Angie has co-sponsored several pieces of infrastructure legislation in her first seven months in Congress. One of these measures calls for bold investment in infrastructure, covering everything from school buildings to transportation to drinking water and energy resources. Even better is that it includes investing in green jobs and maintaining environmental protections.

Angie has also co-sponsored the bipartisan Transit Infrastructure Vehicle Security Act. This act calls for safe and secure public transit by banning the purchase of transit vehicles from places hostile to our economy, like China, and by improving cybersecurity for our transportation systems.

Another bill Angie has co-sponsored is the Resilience Revolving Loan Fund Act of 2019. This bill will allow states to provide low cost loans to local governments to identify and fund projects aimed at mitigating the impacts of natural disasters. Just one example locally, this bill would fund higher bridges to avoid road closures due to spring flooding – a real problem for all of us living in Scott County. This bipartisan bill is supported by the co-chairs of the House Mississippi River Caucus, the Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative, The American Society of Civil Engineers and the Nature Conservancy.

Angie's time in Congress has been well spent, and she’ll continue to address the issues that affect the people of our congressional district. If you don’t believe that, stop by her next town hall and see for yourself.

Jeff Goldy

Prior Lake


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