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Another crisis — the criminal act of a policeman in Minneapolis! Fake news is already trying to turn this into a reason why Republicans are racist? David Matthews, a writer for the New York Daily News, wrote that Trump was “dismissive” in his phone call to the brother of George Floyd when Trump called to express his condolences. Similar to Charlottesville, fake news is interpreting and misquoting the president. No surprise.

Minnesota is a very liberal state. They have a Democratic governor and House, and the state departments are manned by Democrats. Keith Ellison, the attorney general, recently stepped down as a congressman over a sexual abuse issue and then won the attorney general seat. In Minnesota you can do that.

Minneapolis is totally run by Democrats — mayor, City Council, School Board, police chief etc. Republicans only run in Minneapolis for practice. I have read nothing blaming the mayor or the police chief. Leaders are responsible unless they are Democrats, it seems.

The New York Times reports that Minneapolis prides itself on embracing multiculturalism but also struggles with segregation and racial gaps. Minneapolis leads the nation on education gaps between the races.

This is not the first criminal act by a cop in Minneapolis that was far out of bounds. In 2017, a minority cop killed an unarmed blonde woman in a pink skirt who was an Australian visitor. He stated that she startled him. There have been other incidents by Minneapolis cops that mystify anyone who seeks justice. Note the whole country didn’t protest and destroy property when this totally innocent white woman was murdered by a minority cop.

Left-wing extremist groups like Antifa, dressed totally in black, are in the Twin Cities once again. During their last violent visit in 2017, two were arrested. One was the son of Sen. Tim Kaine, who was Hillary’s running mate.

So who’s to blame? How about the mayor for choosing a police chief who can’t train and manage his police force effectively? Or the City Council who turns a blind eye? Or the citizens of Minneapolis who continue to vote for a failed system?

What do the crimes in cities like Chicago, New York, New Orleans, Baltimore, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, St. Louis and Atlanta all have in common? They are governed overwhelmingly by the Democratic Party. What do the Democrats/fake news report? That the Republicans are racist! Especially Donald Trump!

In the late 1980s, New York City was a mess. Tourism was down because there was so much crime and it was dangerous to walk the streets. It was so bad, a Republican, Rudy Giuliani, was elected mayor. In less than a year the whole city was turned around. It became a safe city, and homicides went down to about a third of what they had been. But New York City is a liberal city, and once Giuliani retired, they gradually returned to electing Democrats, and once again the crime is mounting and the city is becoming a mess.

News flash. The Democratic governor of New York State just considered replacing the Democratic Mayor of New York City because he had handcuffed the police, allowing terrible damage from the riots.

Bad cops! High crime! Bad education! It’s all the racist Republicans' fault!

John A. Benedict

Prior Lake


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