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I’m bewildered and a bit offended by the April 3 letter to the editor ("Don't fall for the Republican sales pitch) by one Glen Weber of Prior Lake as he plays fast and loose with the facts and accusations and the Prior Lake American seems to have printed it without so much as a five minute cursory review.

Our current national debt is $28 trillion and climbing. Looking at the national debt from a percentage-only perspective is extremely misleading. Sure the debt increased 1,050% under Franklin Roosevelt but the actual dollar amount was only $236 billion. Same with Woodrow Wilson’s 724% increase at $21 billion, and Ronald Reagan’s 186% increase at $1.85 trillion. Very large percentage increases over the previous administrations, but very small numbers compared to today.

George H.W. Bush added $1.554 trillion, Bill Clinton added $1.396 trillion, George W. Bush added $5.849 trillion, and when Barack Obama took office the national debt was $11.657 trillion and when he left office it was $20.245 trillion. Barack Obama added more actual dollar debt to the national debt at $8.588 trillion than any Republican president in history.

Donald Trump ran huge annual deficits over a trillion a year and he will come in with all of the costs of the pandemic around $6.5 trillion, while Joe Biden currently running a $1.4 trillion annual deficit and the recent $1.9 trillion stimulus is around $3.5 trillion in his first year with three years left in his term. Playing loose and fast with the percentages is very deceiving, but the math doesn’t lie.

Same bending of the information on abortion. Planned Parenthood, the largest provider of abortions in America, is taxpayer funded and between 2013 and 2015 received $1.2 billion in federal funding from Medicaid (a combination of federal and state funds). And, while the number of abortions which peaked at 1.4 million in 1990 dropped to 623,471 in 2016 according to the CDC, those funding numbers have not decreased. In fact, in Biden’s recent $1.2 trillion stimulus plan there was an additional $60 million for Planned Parenthood.

In 2020 Planned Parenthood spent over $45 million for donations and advertising to elect Democratic candidates. Why wouldn’t the Democrats continue to rally for tax dollars for the "healthcare" of abortion when a huge chunk of it comes back to them in the form of campaign contributions? You would think with the abortion numbers continuing to drop the funding for Planned Parenthood could be lowered, and the taxpayer wouldn’t have to fund the Democrats.

I could go on and on and on, but I think you get the point. Glenn Weber’s one-sided, unbalanced, unfair and accusatory letter should have been scrapped or presented with some balance.

Owen Riess

Prior Lake