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Reasonableness is defined as being fair and moderate. No reasonable person would argue that we shouldn’t have exited Afghanistan. Every reasonable person can see that the manner in which we made our exit was a complete failure.

The claims Biden had to do this or do that because of former President Trump and the agreement he made with the Taliban are pure nonsense. We all remember the photos of Biden in his first days of office with stacks of executive orders cancelling or suspending every one of President Trump’s policies. To think the agreement with the Taliban different is foolish and completely disingenuous.

We didn’t send the civilians in before the military. We should not have removed the military before the civilians. That’s just common sense. We had been there nearly 20 years, and two or three weeks would have made no difference.

We hadn’t lost an American life in Afghanistan in almost 18 months. Until you have loaded a flag-covered casket onto a transport plane, or handed the flag to the spouse or child of a fallen veteran at their funeral — or lost a father, mother, son or daughter to combat — you may not grasp the significance of this botched Biden withdrawal. The fact is, any plan was insignificant to Biden, as this was all about his ego.

It turns out Biden’s military leaders advised him against his reckless and selfish "get us out at any cost" plan, only to be ignored. Then looking so incompetent in their exit strategy, the Biden administration called for a military drone strike against the purported planner of the attack that killed 13 American service members — one soldier, one sailor and eleven Marines.

This turned out to be another tragic mistake by Biden, who held this drone strike up as an example of success in his so-called “over the horizon” strategy. Turns out Biden's drone strike killed ten civilians, including seven children.

Is this the commander-in-chief America deserves; a high school lifeguard/football player that got five deferments for asthma and dodged the draft during Vietnam?

I am very disappointed in this unpopular Biden, and his slipping approval numbers indicate others are too. I see him as an injured leader with little political capital to burn. “The bloom is off the Joe Biden rose” in less than ten months in office.

Owen Riess

Prior Lake