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The Prior Lake Association is a community-led nonprofit targeting water safety, water quality and social and volunteer opportunities. Historically the Fourth of July fireworks show has been the group's most public and perhaps impactful event.

Come 2019, that changed.

In recent years the PLA has witnessed substantial membership growth. The increased activity has resulted in additional resources from members, sponsors and other nonprofit groups.

Seeing an opportunity to give back, the PLA landed on the idea of hosting a fundraiser for the Shockwaves Adaptive Ski Squad. This aligned with PLA's mission of creating positive and impactful water-based experiences.

Charlie's on Prior agreed to host the event and provide 10% of the evening's food and beverage sales as a donation (thank you, Jeff and Traci Petschl). Local resident Rick Germscheid agreed to perform his Elvis tribute at no charge. Northern Tool owners Wade and Sue Kotula agreed to match raffle sales. And the PLA donated $1,000. All in the event raised over $14,000 supporting adaptive athletes on the water. Collaboration at its best!

What a joy to partner with an enthusiastic, community-led group like the Prior Lake Association. On behalf of the Shockwaves Adaptive Ski Squad, thank you!

Kevin Burkart

Founder of Shockwaves Adaptive Ski Squad, Prior Lake City Council member


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