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What a difference two weeks makes!

On April 22, many neighborhoods spoke in favor of B1 or C1 for the upcoming 2020 elementary school boundary changes. A large representation was from the Carriage Hills/Knob Hill neighborhood pushing for C1, while the Northwoods neighbors were pushing for B1. Unfortunately, the whole process has pitted neighbor against neighbor.

The design team decided to push for another option, C4. They had another input meeting but did not allow for amendments (or input) for the C4 option. Not to mention the input team was made aware the Westwood capacity numbers were inaccurate from the beginning, they did not include SAGE.

If the information was correct from the beginning, we most likely would not have ended up with B1 or C1. The C4 option includes the Carriage Hills neighborhood at Jeffers but does not include Knob Hill. Carriage Hills and Knob Hill are the same neighborhood! Now you have split one neighborhood in half.

Had the Westwood numbers been correct from the beginning, we would have likely ended up with C2, with minor adjustments. C2 is the only option that is best for the students and keeps everyone in the community happy. C2 includes Carriage Hills, Knob Hill and Northwoods at Jeffers. It also keeps Spring Lakes at their home school Five Hawks. This has the least amount of displaced kids!!

However, this option does require minimal changes to include Raspberry Ridge, Windsong and Martinson Island at Jeffers. Therefore, no one is having to cross over the lake, and you keep all the kids West of the lake to the western schools. It makes sense for everyone!

Last night’s School Board meeting was a wonderful representation of how amazing the Prior Lake community is. All neighbors stood united for C2! Many neighbors spoke about a flawed process and needing to go back to the drawing board. Two members of the input team spoke happily about rolling up their sleeves and getting back to work. We owe it to our kids to make the best decision for our neighborhood schools.

School officials need to request more information and better options. We have the time to get this right for our kids! Again, C2 (with minor tweaks) is the best option for all our students and keeps everyone in our community happy.


Tracy Nannenga

Prior Lake


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