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It is time that the public hears some positive comments about the 2019 Lakefront Days and especially the stationary parade. We understand that for some people change is a real challenge. For those who see the big picture, change is an opportunity for something new.

As co-chairs of the stationary parade and members of the Prior Lake Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, we’d like to share with you a few of the many positive comments the chamber office has received regarding Lakefront Days and the stationary parade:

“I wanted to compliment the team of Lakefront Days for doing an amazing job!! I found the event to be very well run and organized!! The parade met our expectations and then some. I’m so glad we decided to participate and will do so again next year!” – Jen A., local business

“The parade worked well and we heard a lot of positive comments from "younger" people, especially moms, who liked the more relaxed pace of the parade with their children.” – Paul S., local nonprofit

“I absolutely LOVED having the 'stationary parade.' I know many were disappointed at the initial plan and, I have to admit, I had my doubts as well. However, I thought it was awesome. As a resident of Prior Lake, it was a wonderful way for me to meet and speak with our local businesses/ business owners. ... I really hope the rest of the community saw the benefit of the stationary parade and honestly, I hope we see it again next year!” – Holly M., Prior Lake resident

Thank you to those who came out to celebrate and enjoy the activities of our community, to the businesses that participated and the volunteers that took on the task of giving back to the community. All of you were a part of making Lakefront Days successful. It takes a community-wide effort to make an event like this happen. As the Prior Lake Chamber of Commerce, we are proud of the businesses and residents of this community!

Bill Corby

Katie Howland

Prior Lake Chamber of Commerce board members, stationary parade co-chairs


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