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Credit River Residents, we have a big decision ahead of us on May 11 as we have our first municipal election. This is very important as it will set the direction for our newly formed city.

We have a large slate of candidates and I would encourage you to check each of the candidates out. There are three running for mayor and only one with city leadership experience. Please remember that we are becoming a city which means we are required to operate under different regulations than we did as a township. Township experience is not the same as city experience. I would encourage you to find candidates that have city leadership experience.

This is a time to set the foundation and make sure that the right questions are being asked to ensure we don’t have more unintended consequences. There is a reason that the seven mayors of Scott County are excited about Credit River becoming a city. Now as a city we will have to participate in paying for the county road reconstruction costs within the city. This may lower the tax pressure on these other cities. The street aid we will receive as a city will not come close to covering the costs we are now going to incur. Let’s make sure all of these future decisions as a city are not made without considering the impacts!

Sheila Kruse

Prior Lake