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The Democrats have failed to make a case for impeachment of the president. The House Democrats failed to make a strong enough argument to move a single Republican to their side and couldn't even convince all of the Democrats to join them. If they can't convince a single person with access to all of the information they have to switch sides, how would this possibly influence a single voter to support them?

From the cheap seats, this looks like nothing more than partisan bullying. And the clear message from the impeachment inquiry is that Adam Schiff failed to make the case and that Jerrold Nadler's odd exercise didn't help at all. And all of this nonsense may create an incentive for defections among House Democrats to this entire process.

Meanwhile, the USMCA lies on their desks collecting dust. This legislation directly affects more than 250,000 Minnesotans, including many small farmers and business owners across the state. It's time for the Democrats to do the work they were elected to do and let their dislike and anger subside into the holiday spirit: peace.

Owen Riess

Prior Lake


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