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In a recent letter titled “How is Biden doing so far?” the writer alleges that President Biden is responsible for just about everything that is ailing the entire world. They stated he is responsible for the skyrocketing price increase on gas, food and other goods. That he killed America’s energy independence. That he denies the public therapeutic COVID cures and lied about vaccine mandates. That his attorney general is labeling parents as terrorists and unleashing the FBI on them and that he managed to build the Taliban much better by leaving them billions of dollars of our military equipment.

While some of the writer’s assertion have a kernel of truth in them — inflation is high, and the prices of some items (including gas) have increased dramatically; and the Taliban is now in possession of some American-made military equipment. The assertion that Biden is to blame ignores the facts.

Inflation is being driven by three things — higher demands for gas and other products, millions more people on the roads and supply chain issues caused by the pandemic.

Biden did not cause, nor can he or anyone quickly cure these issues. Trump gave the military equipment the writer mentions to the Afghanistan government — who the Taliban took them away from. And Trump was as intent on leaving Afghanistan as Biden was; therefore, the likely outcome would have been the same if Trump had not lost the election.

Other assertions in the letter are blatantly false. Canceling the construction of a Canadian pipeline that was going to carry Canadian oil to Texas ports did not kill America’s energy independence. No FDA approved therapeutic cure is being denied to any American. The attorney general never even used the word “terrorist” in his memorandum; and, regardless of what people might think, it is a crime for anyone (including angry parents) to threaten violence towards others.

The simple truth is that truth and honest discourse is being drowned out by ideology and rhetoric to the detriment of our great nation. Biden has certainly been a highly partisan and marginally effective president and the same should certainly be said of Trump. If we are ever going to truly get to the issues that plague this country, we need to stop listening to the left or right wing media or social media and get back to looking at problems in a rationale and factual manner.

Gary Shelton

Prior Lake